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Why does your business need O-2-O Click??

We help businesses generate high quality leads at optimized costs and provide a seamless communication channel between prospects and agents


Maximize Revenue and ROI
by huge margins

 Bid accurately for keywords that are driving calls
and optimize
your digital marketing spend with call insights and call analytics


100% Contact Rates with dynamic traceable numbers

Research suggests that consumers want to contact businesses directly. Know which digital channels are driving sales.


Intelligent lead
form submission

Our proprietary lead generation forms enable you to capture prospects data efficiently and holistically compared to normal lead forms


Dynamic trackable
exit intent widgets

Exit intent, Popup ads and other dynamic widgets that can provide additional customer interaction and improve the online experience.


Efficient and cost effective inbound call handling

Reduce call center costs with intelligent call patching and call routing algorithms so that you no longer have to missed calls from prospective leads

Auto call routing to different
teams based on keyword

Route the incoming calls to various sales
or support teams based on keywords,
media channels and more

Real time call analytics and advanced reports

Lead, campaign, location, call analytics and keyword analytics that provide valuable call insights along with data visualization

Actionable marketing analytics for Phone Calls

Call insights for your marketing campaigns. Drive more calls and customers by optimizing your media spend, ad targeting, and website experiences.

Online to Offline Call Attribution

  Measure and optimize phone calls just like clicks and optimize your ROI

Conversation/Lead analytics

Classify your calls as qualified leads, track call conversions, and customer conversations


Customer Journey Optimization

Track the customer experiences and increase caller-lifetime customer conversion.

Actionable Data Analytics

Customized reports that help you analyze your call data that helps to drive growth.


O-2-O Click in action


Know which products, media source, campaigns and more are driving calls


Auto call routing and patching that enables a smooth communication flow between the lead and agent


Your marketing strategy to drive more calls and revenue

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